Support tickets, in Freshsales

View the list of tickets, their details and the email conversation with agents from within Freshsales. Feel the pulse of your customers - whether they are likely to upgrade, renew or make a purchase - and plan your sales conversations accordingly.

Resolve tickets from the CRM

Change the ticket status, assign tickets, create tickets and update any field property from Freshsales. Add notes to keep your support team in sync with the latest happenings.

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Add chat leads from Freshchat

Chat and engage with your website visitors in real-time. Automatically turn them into leads in Freshsales. Enrich lead information and track them to closure right from your CRM.

Essential context at your fingertips

Access your previous chat conversations with leads, and get the context you need to make relevant, meaningful conversations.

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Send events to Freshsales

Freshsales tracks prospects’ activities on your website and in product. But if you’re using Segment to track events, you can instantly push that data into Freshsales.

Tracking events and beyond

With Freshsales for Segment, you can only not push the website an in-app events but also create leads and contacts, and update the existing ones.

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Google Calendar

Never miss an appointment

Don’t juggle between your calendar and CRM. The Google Calendar integration syncs your appointments between your Google account and Freshsales.

Sync appointments. Anytime, anywhere

Schedule meetings and demo appointments from Google Calendar while you are on the go. Find the appointments synced and linked to the appropriate record in Freshsales.

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