• Sales Contact Management System

    Get complete details about your customers. Take better decisions.

360° Customer profile view. Get complete context about contacts.

Freshsales 360° customer profile view enables you to manage contacts, so you can focus on what you do best - Sell.

Enriched customer profiles connect your leads social profiles and collect company informations, so that you get the complete picture on leads. Recent conversations and calls are logged in the profile and the event timeline track your leads behaviour so that you can sales interactions at relevant time

Enriched customer profiles, and logged conversation at one view

Prioritize your contacts intelligently with activity timeline.

Effective sales require proper planning, and follow ups. Sales reps should know more about prospects to close deal faster. Freshsales web tracking and event tracking ensure all you contact activities are captured and analysed. This will give sales reps a heads up in deciding their next set of actions.

With Freshsales you have to never again worry about contacts falling through the cracks. All your deals are marked properly and so that you can ensure you don’t miss to follow up.

Activity timeline tracks all web activities and events of prospects.

Appointments, tasks and notes. All you need to close a deal.

Collaborate with your team on tasks. Schedule meeting or demo appointments with prospects and customers, and get email alerts to remind you. Sync your Google calendar to keep track of your day.

Go ahead and start focusing on your sales, and let Freshsales CRM take care of the rest.

Collaborate with your team with tasks and appointments.

One click Phone and Email

Built-in phone and email eliminates need for third party integrations. Track email opens and link clicks, and record all your call logs.

Appointments, Tasks and Notes

Collaborate with your team on tasks. Schedule appointments and get email alerts to remind you. Sync your Google calendar.

Custom views and Smart fields

Filter and sort your records. Connect with the right set of prospects using "last contacted" and "last seen" date and "deal size".

A few of our delighted customers

  • "With the Freshdesk Integration, Freshsales has taken the sales side of our business a step forward. My support staff can see a full picture of a customer - deals, customer details and activities. It has both sides of our business talking again!"
    Craig Mclaughlin
    Manager, Enterprise Software Solutions at Open Office (APAC)
  • "Our salespeople used to spend a lot of time before the call to analyze the prospect's need and behaviour using multiple sources. Today Freshsales provides all those insights in a single screen enabling us to move quickly and close deals easier."
    Pradeep K
    Founder & COO, Niyati Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • "Freshsales allows us to focus on converting our leads. The interface is so intuitive that our new sales staff do not require training on how to use Freshsales, they just hit the ground running."
    Chris Gaulin
    President / Chair at The Gaulin Foundation