In-depth customer insights

Website and in-app tracking

Plan smart relevant conversations with prospects by knowing the web pages that piqued their interest and their interactions on your product.
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Activity timeline

Give your sales team invaluable insights about every touchpoint your customers experience in a chronological timeline view.

Behavior-based segmentation

Know how engaged a contact is with your company by segmenting their activities based on the data collected by Freshsales.

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Advanced lead scoring

Rank leads by their characteristics and behavior, and easily prioritize follow-ups on those who are sales-ready and those who require nurturing.

Email tracking

Know who opened and clicked links on email, when and how many times.

Open & click notifications

Get real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks and new emails. Connect at the right time.

Smart fields

Segment prospects using smart fields such as "last contacted" and "last seen" date.

Segment integration

Easily push your leads' and contacts' website and in-app events into Freshsales.


Automatically enriches profiles with invaluable social profile information & photo.


Capture website visitors as leads directly into Freshsales once they fill out a webform.